PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations

Ron Has been teaching Messianic Judaism since 1993. Many of his teachings are now being converted into a power point format to allow students of the Bible, Bible study leaders and teachers to use these in a classroom or training environment. These presentations are colorful, animated and editable so you can add your own customization to fir your individual needs.

To purchase one of these presentations simply make your selection and the it will be downloaded to your email address. We are adding these constantly so check with us often.

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The Apostles of the Messiah

This is a 36 slide, power point presentation covers the religion of the Roman Empire and the culture during the time of the Apostles. It explains the meaning of “The Lord’s Day,” covers the act that started the persecution by Nero, and describes how each of the Apostles died. Judas Iscariot is missing.

This PowerPoint answers the questions:
What was the Roman environment the apostles were facing to share the word?
What is “The Lord’s Day”?
What event on Roman history started the persecution?
How did each of the apostles die?


The Ten Plagues of the Bible

This is a 25 slide power point presentation on the 10 Plagues of the Bible that records the final struggle of the Israelites escape from over 400 years of bondage at the hands of Pharaoh and the Egyptians. God chose Moses to lead the Exodus and the 10 plagues document the confrontation Moses had with Pharaoh prior to Pharaoh's agreeing to let the Israelites go.



The Book of Ruth

This is a 16 slide power point presentation that gives an overview of the book of Ruth. It records the seven major theological themes that are found in this book. I


Da Vinci's Painting of the Last Supper

This is a 21 slide power point presentation that examines the superstitions from Da Vunci's painting of The Last Supper and how it changed his life. 


The Meaning of Sukkot

This is a 24 slide power point presentation that gives an overview on the Feast of Sukkot, also called “Tabernacles.” It is part of a series of presentations covering the Feasts in the Bible. 


Hebrew v. Greek Worldview

This is a 38 slide power point presentation that covers the differences between the Hebrew and Greek worldviews. These two mindsets must be understood for a complete understanding of the scriptures.


Rith's Kinsman Redeemer

This is a 16 slide power point pressentation that explains the functions and traits of Ruth’s Kinsman Redeeme; Boaz, and compares them to our Messiah being our Kinsman Redeemer. 


The Apostles - Matthias

This is a 24 slide power point presentation that covers the life and death of the Apostle who was chosen and replaced Judas Iscariot. 


The Apostles - Simon the Zealot

This is a 34 slide power point presentation on one of the Lord's Apostles, Simon the Zealot.


The Feast of the Passover

This is a 127 slide power point presentations on the Feast of Passover in its entirety. It Includes the three Passovers when the items were added to the Passover Seder. It also covers the 10 Plagues of Egypt. It continues with explaining the parts of the Passover Seder comparing them to the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).


The Five Bibles & Their Functions

This is a 20 slide power point presentation that covers the different prposes of different Bibles. Have you ever went to a Bible Study and, during that study, someone read a verse, and another person says “That is not how it is reads in my Bible”? What happens? The Bible Study is forgotten and a discussion comes up as to which Bible is correct. This places a lack of trust in the word of God. Knowledge can correct this problem. 


The Shofar & You

This is a 49 slides power point presentation that covers how a Shofar is made and how that process relates to you as a believer.  This power point is connected to Rosh Hashanah (the Feast of Trumpets). It answers the question: How does the process of the making of a Shofar relate to you as a believer in the Messiah?


Thirteen Functions of the Holy Spirit

This is a 15 slide power point presentation on the functions of the Holy Spirit. Many Pentecostal believers have applied the miracle of the "Gift of strange tongues" as the 'sign' of God’s Presence on their life. Is this true, or is there a different understanding? What is the functions of the Holy Spirit (Roach Hakodesh)?


Yom Kippurs Scapegoat

Thisis a 26 slide power point presentation that involves a ceremony performed on the Feast of Yom Kippur. This ceremony existed during the Tabernacle and Temple.