The Five Bibles & Their Functions

The presentation offers help in answering the following questions: When you are ignorant about what it says on a given subject. When you take a verse out of its context. When you read into a passage had have it say what it does not say. When you give undue emphasis to less important things. Whenever you use it to try to get God to do what you want, rather than what God wants done.

The presentation covers the following:

5 Ways Scripture can be Misused
What Bible Should You Use? 
5 Types of Bibles
Type 1: Word for Word 
Type 2: Thought for Thought
Thought for Thought
Type 3: Paraphrase
Type 4: Theologically Biased
Type 5: Culturally Biased
Word for Word Bibles 
Thought for Thought Bibles 
Paraphrase Bibles
Theologically Biased
Culturally Biased
Final Thoughts
Personal Choice 
End of Presentation

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