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If you were sitting on a jury, you are required to make a decision. How much evidence would you require to convict or acquit? Would you convict on circumstantial evidence only or would you want as much evidence as you can get? Would you want that evidence to come from only one source or from many sources?

Now answer another question: What if you thought something was true, and you found out it was wrong, when would you want to know it?

Hell is Truth Seen Too Late!  Ron Warren was a good atheist. He applied five major battlegrounds that an atheist would use.

These battlegrounds asks the questions:

  • Does God Exist?
  • Is the Bible True?
  • Is there a Resurrection?
  • Is Jesus (Yeshua) God?
  • Is Jesus (Yeshua) the only way to God?

In these battlegrounds his weapons was questions, gently attacking the believers through the “WHY” of their belief.  He understood that the “WHAT” of their faith was the doctrines and traditions. The “HOW” of their faith was the process of their actions, but the “WHY” was their purpose.

By applying doubt to the believer’s “WHY,” the same doubt would move into the “HOW” and the “WHAT” of their faith.

When Ron realized he was wrong, he began to use stronger facts to change the battlegrounds. God, to him, became the “God of the Second Chance.

What does this mean to you?

As an atheist, you have your answers, but are you sure you have all the facts? What are the consequences if you are wrong?

As a believer, have you ever doubted your faith and wished you had answers to fight your battlegrounds? How do you counterattack what the atheist is giving you?

Do you know that the existence of God can be proven through Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Mathematics, and Paeontology?

Did you know that He can also be proven to exist through Archaeology, Astronomy, Cosmology, and Revelation?

Did you know there are ten evidences to prove that the Bible is true? As an atheist, can you explain all ten?

What would you do with the Resurrection? Did you know there are six major facts you must prove to be wrong?

How will you deal with the question, “Is Jesus (Yeshua) God?

You can deny it, but you are still faced with a human being creating something out of nothing, and the giving of life. You are also faced with the evidence of history, the impact of history, and the evidence of the facts of Messianic Prophecy, miracles, and the Virgin Birth.

The highlight will be trying to explain the 19 Divine Attributes of God operating through only one man - Jesus, also known by His Hebrew name, Yeshua.

Can these evidences be placed on another human being?

This is the lifestyle of an atheist:

  • No meaning in life
  • No value in life
  • No significance in life
  • No purpose in life
  • No hope in life, and the last one
  • Some may think there are no restraints against evil impulses.

As an atheist, this was Ron’s life. “Is it yours?

As a believer, have you ever doubted your faith and wished you had answers to fight your battlegrounds? How do you counterattack what the atheist is giving you?

This book opens the door to both the atheist and the believer. It can change or destroy the atheist’s foundation and strengthen and consolidate the believer’s trust and faith in God.

After reading this book, these questions must be asked:  Have we presented only circumstantial evidence or have we presented facts that can be tracked, studied, and tested by many sources?

Have your answers given you any cause to rethink your position?

As a member of the jury, the decision is yours, but ask yourself another question: What if i'm wrong?

(AQ)Are you taking your Scriptures out of context?
What most people claim as errors are not errors but difficulties. Inconsistences occur when people do not take the time to find out all the facts. Three things must be understood:
* Lack of understanding is not an error.
* An unresolved difficulty is not an error.
* Silence from scripture is not an error.

There are six major kinds of difficulties found among those who attack the inerrancy of the Bible
* Faith Difficulties;
* Language Difficulties;
* Scientific Difficulties;
* Factual Difficulties;
* Doctrinal Difficulties;
* Ethical Difficulties;
Let’s look these difficulties.

Faith Difficulties
They question the accounts in Scripture. Here are some examples: Adam & Eve, Abel, Noah, the Flood, Red Sea, Jonah, walking on water, and the Resurrection. All of these are questions of faith. Jesus confirmed the accounts of Adam and Eve, Noah, and Jonah in Matthew 12:40, and 19:4. To reject this is to reject the authority and truthfulness of Jesus.

People sometimes try to discredit what they cannot understand. Just because we do not know “how” all the miracles in the Bible occurred does not mean they did not happen.

Consider this example: Top scientists have trouble understanding the writings of Albert Einstein - How much more for finite humans to understand the infinite God? Here is what must be understood: The denial of miracles is not a question of accuracy, it is faith.

Language Difficulties – “Figures of speech”
The Bible describes events as they appear to be. (Example – “Sun rising and setting”). Many would charge the Bible with errors in this matter – Why? - Because the scientific knowledge states that the earth rotates. Figures of Speech are not errors.
AQAre you applying different “measures” in your judgment of figures of speech between your everyday life and scripture?
(AQ)Are you taking your Scriptures out of context?

Scientific Difficulties 
Some say the Bible is filled with primitive, pre-scientific views of the Universe. The Bible never claimed to be a science book, but there has been no error found on what it does say about science.

There are no scientific errors in the Bible. The Bible does not teach chemistry or Biology, BUT it never stands in conflict with VERFIED Science in any way. In all places that the Bible deals with scientific matters, it is completely accurate, even at times when science disagreed. Here are a few examples:
- Roundness of the Earth (Isaiah 40:22)
- Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy (II Peter 3:7)
- Hydrologic Cycle (Ecclesiastes 1:7)
- Vast number of stars (Jeremiah 33:22)
- Law of increasing entropy (Psalm 102:25-27)
- The importance of blood in the life process (Leviticus 17:11)
- Atmospheric Circulation (Ecclesiastes 1:6)
- Gravitational field (Job 26:7)
Remember this: Silence in the Bible about a fact is not an error.
AQIf it is not in the Bible, how can you say the Bible is in error?
AQDo you know of a scientific fact existing today that the Bible says is wrong?

Factual Difficulties
Many difficulties in this area deal with statistics. (Example: one angel in Matthew 28:2 or two angels in John 20:12). Matthew said one angel spoke. That act does not eliminate two angels. One person may round off a number while the other may use an exact number. A closer study of the problem in this category will always reveal a logical explanation. To say that the Bible is full of error on this point has no factual basis.
(AQ) –Are you taking your Scriptures out of context?

Doctrinal Difficulties
This difficulty can be solved through the context of the verse. These are minor problems (Example: faith (Paul) vs. works (James)). Both Paul and James quoted Genesis 15:6 to back up their points. It reads
And he (Abraham) believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness.

Paul used the verse for the teaching of salvation (Faith). James used the verse for the teaching on your conduct after salvation (Works). These difficulties can be easily solved by examining the passage in its context and the Author’s intention.
(AQ) –Are you taking your Scriptures out of context?

Ethical Difficulties
This is placing two Scriptures together, canceling out each other (Example: “murder”- (Innocent) vs. capital punishment – (Guilty)). These difficulties can be solved through careful study of the issues in their full context and meaning. Regardless of the kind of difficulty found, not one “irreconcilable error” is to be found in the pages of Scripture.
(AQ) –Are you taking your Scriptures out of context?
(AQ) – If you encountered any of these difficulties, and knowing the facts, does your decision still stand?

Nightmare of Atheism Book

The human body is designed through God’s numbers of eight, five, ten, twelve and twenty-two.
The entire skull has 22 cranial and facial bones, which is also the number of the letters in the Hebrew Aleph Bet.

The upper part of the skull consists of eight bones. They are the frontal bone, which forms the forehead, the occipital bone, the ethmoid bone, the sphenoid bone, and the left and right parietal bones and the left and right temporal bones. Eight represents the Hebrew letter Chet, whose picture is the ladder. It represents a power to reach a higher level, and transcendence.

There are also seven cervical vertebrae in the neck which support the skull and organs of the neck. The first cervical vertebra, called the atlas, supports and balances the head. The second vertebra allows the head to move to the right or left. The other five bones connect the skull to the spine. Seven represents the Hebrew letter Zayin, which means completion and a symbol of authority.

Humans have twelve bones, called in medical terms T1 to T12, for the ribcage. This connects to the twelve tribes of Israel. Consider this: The bottom ribcage bone on the man is a ‘floating rib.’ It does not connect to the ribcage. The woman’s rib does. I believe it is this rib that God used to create Eve. I am not certain if it is accurate, but that shorted rib could be part of man’s chromosome changing his XX to an XY.

Humans have ten fingers and ten toes. The number ten in the Hebrew language is the letter Yod. It is the divine point of energy. Since the Yod is used to form all the other letters, and since God uses the letters as the building blocks of creation, the Yod shows God’s omnipresence.

One more point: there are five lumbar vertebrae, known as the L1 to L5. The fifth letter in the Hebrew Aleph Bet is the letter Hay, which represents Grace. This letter also represents the name of God.

(AQ) If the body was formed by evolution, what would be the purpose for the man alone to have a ‘floating rib?
What are the odds of evolution producing these possibilities?

In writing the book, “The Nightmare of Atheism,” one chapter is called “Is Jesus God?”
Seven Evidences are shown to prove Jesus is God. The fifth Evidence is called “The Evidence of the Virgin Birth.” This is the “sneak-peak” into that discussion:

The Evidence of the Virgin Birth
God, through Moses, wrote in Genesis 3:15 “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”
Point: Man carries the seed, not the woman, yet it says “her seed.”

700 years before Jesus was born, Isaiah prophesied in Isaiah 7:14 “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin (Almah) shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.”

Both Matthew and Luke provide detailed accounts of the Virgin Birth and shows its fulfillment. For Jesus (Yeshua) to be The Messiah, this had to happen.

There are two Hebrew words that used as “Virgin” - almah and bethulah. The word “Almah” is the word used in Isaiah 7:14. It means a young woman of marriageable age. Isaiah, through the Holy Spirit, used this word, not ‘Bethulah’. Why? It was because both ideas of virgin and marriageable age had to be combined into one word. It would meet the historical situation and the prophetic concept centering on a Virgin-born Messiah.

The word “Virgin” in Greek is ‘parthenos’, which means “a Virgin, marriageable maiden or young married woman, a pure Virgin.” When the Jewish translators of the Septuagint, completed around 280-246BCE in Alexandria, translated Isaiah 7:14 into Greek, they used the Greek word ‘parthenos’. To them, Isaiah 7:14 meant that the Messiah’s mother would be a Virgin.

Many people deny the Virgin Birth on the grounds that it’s biologically impossible. That IS THE WHOLE POINT! It IS impossible! That makes the Virgin Birth a “sign.” If it was not a miracle, it would not be a “sign.”

It would be more difficult to believe God became a man by the natural reproductive process of humans than to believe Jesus was conceived supernaturally. They point to the fact that the Bible is true.

The Jewish nation is also a miracle and a sign. It was a miracle for Sarah to conceive in her old age, and Isaac became the sign of the start of the Jewish nation. Which is the miracle: Sarah giving birth at the Age of 90 or a Virgin Birth? Doctors will tell you it is both.

If what God says about the Gentile nations became true, then it’s also true about what it says about Sin, Eternal Life and Salvation. If God judged people for rejecting him in the past, He would also judge people who reject Him in the future.

C. S. Lewis applied these concepts to the virginal conception of the Messiah. He stated that is the zygote was made by the Holy Spirit’s action on Mary’s ovaries, i.e. an addition to the system. But after that, the embryo developed in the normal manner.

(AQ) If a miracle of a Virgin Birth cannot happen, can you give a different explanation how the Jewish nation exists without the miracle of Isaac’s Birth?

As an EX-atheist, one of my favorite verses in the Bible is Genesis 1:1. Why? Because it was one of my favorite verses as an atheist. This was my “go-to-spot.” When any doubt was expressed to the Bible, This verse is where I went to destroy a person’s faith. I am no longer that man.
This is a small section in my book, “The Nightmare of Atheism” under the chapter “Ten Reasons why you can believe.”
(Note: When you see the (AQ) - that is the question(s) that the Atheist must answer or doubt his faith)

9) Evolution vs. the Origin of Life
The scientific definition of life is “Any organism which is capable of reproducing itself.” Ask yourself this question: What is the smallest form of life? Is it a Virus, which is the simplest form of life?
If that is your choice, we have a problem. A virus is a parasite. The only method of reproduction of a virus is by the invasion and destruction of a living cell. If there is no living cell, there can be no reproduction. What does that mean? Life could not have begun with a virus – What would they eat? Is it a Bacterium, which is the smallest single cell organism?
There are two types of bacteria.
* Those who live on dead animal / vegetable matter, and
* Those who live on live animal / vegetable matter.
Life could not have begun with bacteria – again, if they were the first life form on earth, what would they eat?

Is it a Protozoa, which is the next step up the ladder of life? There are over 15,000 different species of protozoa living everywhere, BUT they are also parasites. Again, because they are parasites, what would they eat?

What is DNA – [Complex Spiral Structures of Deoxyribonucleic Acid]? It is the details of the blueprint which instruct the cells how to construct an entire organism of ITS OWN KIND placed in the genes located in the nucleus of the chromosomes. Because of the genes, no two individuals are ever exactly alike, yet it is impossible for any organism to be reproduced that is NOT of the species of that organism.
With that in mind, let’s take a look at an example of just one species of protozoa - The ameba, which is a very simple one-celled animal. An ameba reproduces by cell division. One ameba cell divides to produce two individuals. This process is called ‘MITOSIS’, which is the simplest form of reproduction. The simple mechanism of cell division requires a precise step-by-step series of EXTREMELY COMPLICATED events.
(AQ) How did the DNA evolve to master the process of “Mitosis”? How did the ameba survive before this process existed?

The Theory of Evolution:
How does the process of scientific theory work? You take two or more premises, and based on them, you come to a conclusion. With this process, let’s take a look at the theory of evolution.
PREMISE 1 = The acquired behavior and knowledge is capable of being passed on to succeeding generations.
PREMISE 2 = Mutations and adaptations have resulted in the entire development of higher forms of life from the first life form.
CONCLUSION: Based on these two premises hangs the Theory of Evolution.

Problems with this Theory
A major problem is SEX! There is one difference between the ameba, with its cell-division, and the higher life forms that throws cold water immediately on the theory of evolution – SEX. There is a tremendous difference between the chromosomes splitting to reproduce two cells in the place of one, and the egg and sperm reproductive systems of higher forms of life.

REMEMBER Premise 2?
Sex MUST have been the result of a mutant gene, at precisely the right time in two different Individuals of the SAME species, one for male and one for female. For evolution to produce SEX, this process would have had to happen in ONE SINGLE GENERATION, in ALL Living Creatures. If this did not happen, there would have been no way this mutated individual could have reproduced itself and passed this characteristic on to its progeny.

REMEMBER Premise #1?
If premise #1 was correct then your children would not have to go to school. All of the knowledge that you have acquired and that which you inherited from your ancestors would have been in them at birth.
(AQ) Can you produce different premises to make the theory of evolution work?



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