mordecai mark curtisPastor Mordecai became involved in prison ministry the hard way, from inside prison. He was involved in ministry for over 20 years before everything in his life fell apart. Pastor Mordecai served as a Children’s Pastor (1995-2003), Christian School Teacher (1993-2008), Athletic Director (1994-2008), Sunday School Teacher and Trainer, and Principal /Dean of Students (2003-2008). He was licensed as a pastor in 1999 and ordained into the ministry in 2009. In 2011, everything changed. He ended up in the one place neither he nor anyone else expected prison.

The journey toward the Messianic Judaism began in earnest when he was given a set of books on the history of the Jews in Europe leading up to WWII. His interest was piqued and his desire to learn about the Jewish people and language was now in full swing. While in prison, Pastor Mordecai tried to stay in the background, but HaShem had other plans.

Everywhere he went, he was thrust by Adonai into ministry. He taught Bible studies, led prayer groups and stayed faithful to his Lord and Savior. While in prison, he was introduced to the Messianic Movement when he was offered the opportunity to learn Hebrew by a group of Messianic believers who had been watching him and his testimony. He soon became a leader in the Messianic group. He was then moved to another facility where he joined with the Messianic group and met Ron Warren and John Grady.

Mordecai served as a leader in the Messianic group and also was involved in Celebrate Recovery and the Horizon Communities in Prison and Faith/Character based reentry program. As Mordecai’s release date drew near, Ron invited Mordecai to join him at Yeshua Bread of Life. Since his release, he has gone through his Bar Mitzva to make him a true Son of the Covenant.
Mordecai’s passion for prison ministry is derived from his own experiences and a seed planted by HaShem to serve the men and women in prison who are truly seeking to have a relationship with Adonai and be ambassadors to the other men and women in prison who are seeking the Truth of God’s Word. He has seen the best and the worst in people both in the free world and prison. He desires to ensure that all who wish to love and serve Adonai have every tool and opportunity they need to achieve that goal.

Christine Elizabeth

Christine Elizabeth (Mauriello) came to know the Lord through a miraculous and divine encounter in 2014 through devastating circumstances. She had lived out of a wrong identity based on her woundedness her whole life, and even though she grew up in church everything she knew about God was merely head knowledge.

This encounter and realization lead to a journey of uncovering the many lies she truly believed (heart knowledge). Merely knowing the lies does not set us free, so the Lord taught her through Himself, His Word and others how to relieve herself of these burdens by giving them to the Lord and receiving His life transforming Truth in exchange.

Truth became a passion for Christine as she it’s fruit; she saw her life being transformed by the wound-foundation lies in her life being demolished and replaced by Truth. She became passionate about sharing and helping others in that same transformational journey. Christine formed Transfer Out in 2015. Transfer Out empowers the transformation with the same life-saving truths that she learned in her story - all based on biblical truth and delivered in a faith based or non-faith based teaching and coaching format.

Christine is also the owner of CM Production - a full service faith based video production ministry helping organizations and individuals to get their messages out through video.

Christine met Ron Warren through the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce in 2018. Her heart leapt as she listened to the mission of his ministry to help those in the prison system to understand their true identity and to replace who they think God is with the Truth.

As Christine partnered with Ron to produce video Torah Parshas (teachings) and a video accompaniment for his book, “What if I’m Wrong, the Atheist Nightmare,” she really got a chance to know what Ron’s about. Ron is passionate about the truth and living out of truth and sharing that truth. This gave Christine confidence when the board asked to join them for Torah Life Ministries in 2019. Christine has seen God move in this ministry. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this Kingdom work alongside of Ron, John and Greg as well as Ron’s right arm - his lovely wife Joann.

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John Grady

John Grady's first visit to a prison was to visit a friend's son in 2010. It was there GOD show him that HIS sons have a soul that needs to be connected to their creator. The prison where he was visiting was mostly "lifers"- in prison for life. You could call them the "forgotten people." He saw a change knowing the man's past, radiated out of the man. John could visually see how GOD can change people.

John was move by GOD and volunteered to move into a rehab in 2003 in Orlando. It is there where he learned to minister to these men. He lived in the complex of buildings with these men in the same dorms as they did, and no special privileges for nine months with 35 of these men.

Having never done drugs or alcohol, it opened John's eyes up as GOD would see them. His heart was touched by Adonai for HIS sons. This truly changed John's way of thinking. He saw these men as people who have bad mistakes but are forgiven by Adonai when these men repented of their sins.

John has gone to prison ministry in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009 and to Daytona in 2016. He is presently leading a prison ministry in Century, Florida on Wednesdays. He has been working this ministry since 2013.

This last Passover he was responsible for getting food for the men to celebrate the Passover meal with 30 inmates. The inmates in this prison have been given a Torah scroll through his ministry for their Sabbath services.

Laurel Ordonez

Laurel Ordonez is a business growth strategist and entrepreneur with a background in hospitality, business development, and digital marketing. She left her corporate position to pursue work-life integration that would allow her to show up powerfully for her family, clients, and community. Through her experiences transitioning from a teen mom to a college student, then young professional to executive, she understands the importance of mentorship and accountability in life's transitions. Her passion for encouraging and supporting impact-driven professionals takes the forefront of all she does in her business and community.

She is founder and CEO of Queenly Consulting which exists to encourage, empower and equip small businesses to build trusted brands and sustainably grow their companies through effective digital marketing strategies and community-driven business development. 

Laurel is married with three kids.

Torahlife Ministry welcomes Laurel to its board.