Purpose Statement

The Purpose of Torahlife Ministry to exist is to serve to Educate and Empower Believers in Messiah.

The truth which makes man free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.Herbert Agar (1897-1980) “A Time for Greatness,” 7, 1942

Vision Statement

Torahlife Ministry, a devision of Torahlife Ministries Inc., is a non-profit, educational ministry whose vision is two-fold:

  • To educate and lead the community of believers – Jew and non-Jew – in their faith and understanding of their Messiah, focusing on the scriptures of the Tanakh (“Old Testament”) and the Brit Hadashah (“New Testament”), and through the use of histories (Jewish, Church, World), printed materials, books, internet, and media
  • To be an outreach for the Messianic Movement in prisons, churches, Messianic synagogues, and bible groups through speaking tours, events, internet, books, media, and weekly printed materials

Process Statement

Torahlife Ministry is a Ministry that consists of five departments:

1) Prison Ministry: It is currently mailing the Scribe’s Journal to every member in their congregation. We have met and taught there. We will be setting up a weekly meeting with the leaders to teach them the basics of the Bible from the Jewish context. As prisoners are transferred, the Scribe’s Journal will, with God’s help, go into other prisons

2) Internet Websites: We have two Websites:

  1. torahlifeunleashed.org is an online Messianic Judaism teaching website.
  2. torahlifeministry.com is the Ministry website.

3) Free Teaching Newsletter (The Scribe’s Journal – 9 years).This newsletter takes the Torah portion taught in every Jewish synagogue and places the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) into it, completing the connection. It is currently covering every state and 9 countries. A number of people are using this newsletter for their own Bible studies.

4) Simchat Torah Institute: For over a year, on Thursday nights, we teach on the internet at present in two countries and five states, 59 Pastors and home study group leaders on the bible from a Jewish context – Messianic Judaism.

These recorded teachings are uploaded to a drop box with their Power Point presentations and the videos as a resource for the pastors and leaders.

5) Publishing: The “Ladder of Trust” in currently on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is currently being translated into Spanish. It will then be turned into a printed and ebook. Another book, “The Atheist’s Nightmare”, is currently being written and we pray it should be out by the end of this year.

We are also looking into the process of turning these books into audiobooks.

6) Torahlife Radio Podcast within this year: This will consist of two programs:

  • ½ hour teaching of the Torah portion as followed by the Scribe’s Journal
  • ½ hour teaching on the Messianic Jewish Roots (This context will come from the teachings done in Simchat Torah Institute)

NOTE: The equipment has arrived. We are in the process of learning to use it correctly.