Torah Life Ministry and author Ron Warren has produced a book called "The Ladder of Trust." Published in 2007, the book explains how the connection between your trust and faith can re-ignite the fire in your spirit and bring order, joy and peace in your life. "The Ladder of Trust" takes the reader through the seven levels of faith and moves the reader through the seven pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle. We anticipate the book will be available shortly in both an eBook and Spanish edition.

Visit our store to purchase "The Ladder of Trust." All proceeds go for the support of Torah Life Ministry.

Torah Life Publishing anticipates publishing our next book entitled "The Atheist Nightmare" (hopefully early, 2018). "The Atheist Nightmare" challenges the believer to handle the five battlegrounds Atheists use to attack the faith of the believer.

Those are:

Does God Exist?
Is the Bible true?
Is there a Resurrection?
Is Yeshua (Jesus) God?
Is Yeshua (Jesus) the only way to God?

"The Atheist Nightmare" will be available in our store soon, as well as Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.