A man in Hell seeing the Glory of God
Nightmare of Atheism

On Tuesday of this week I presented the book to the publishers. This book, "The Atheist’s Nightmare", has been in writing for over a year. It is now being set up for editing. (I bet you didn’t think it would happen.)

Before this book was sent to the publishers, I had it reviewed by a man named Mark Goldstein. He is the president of the Christian Chamber of Commerce in Orlando. He read the contents and gave me a few ideas (seven) for improvement on the book. They were very good, and I put them into practice.

This is the difference between the two books.

The title has been changed from "The Atheist’s Nightmare" to "The Nightmare of Atheism." I believe this is a better title. He also suggested that because of the contents, I should put my testimony at the beginning of the book. I also thought that this was a good idea and I did it. I also placed the "Four Killer Questions" at the very beginning instead of the end of the book. This idea lays the foundation for the book itself. There was a good chance that the editors would have wanted to make the same changes.

As an EX-atheist, this was a very hard book for me to write. It could be the reason why it took so long for me to do it. It brought back to my mind my past and the pain that I did to the body of the Messiah. It is my prayer that if this book causes one atheist to change directions, it will be worth the time and the cost.

This book is going to increase the faith of the believer. With the "Four Killer Questions," he/she can challenge the faith of the atheist. Why? Contrary to popular thinking, atheism is not a science, it is a religion. I will back-up this statement in my next blog.

According to the publishers, depending on the time of the editing the book itself should be finished with a publish date right before Easter. I will, in this blog, present individual contents of the book. The contents over the next two months will cover parts of the atheist five battlegrounds.
These five battlegrounds are:

  • Does God exist?
    Is the Bible true?
    Is there a resurrection?
    Is Jesus/Yeshua God?
    Is Jesus/Yeshua the only way to God?

Until the book is published, you will receive quotes from this book. It is my prayer that these blogs teaches, challenges, and uplifts your spirit.


The Parashat "Korach" is one of the best examples of what can happen when a leadership that God placed in charge is attacked. What people do not understand is that it is not the man that being attacked, but God's authority. It was my honor to teach on this Parashat on Saturday, June 24, 2017. It was recorded and placed on You Tube. Here is that teaching. If you want, watch it. It is 49 minutes long but it will give you the information you need to answer the question given in this teaching.

Click here to see Parashat Korach

If you have watched it, you now have the background for the question. Remember the information about the trap?  It consists of four items. To make a good trap work, it needs to:

1) Make it easy for the prey to get in, hard to get out

2) Give it an attractive bait. For the believer, a "Right Standing with God" is the most common bait. The second is "Offense."

3) Create a fast way for the trap to close. Once in the trap, the more the prey struggles, the more tired and trapped it becomes.

4) The trap has to "fit" the prey to catch it. You would not use a mousetrap to catch a elephent.

Why?  The more you know about the prey, the more effective the trap can be devised.

In the teaching, I was speaking from experience. How? As an EX-Atheist, I almost walked into this trap twice. I experienced two congregations coming apart. In the first congregation, Satan used the bait: "Right Standing with God". In the second congregation he used "Offense."  It almost made me reject the grace that God gave this EX--Atheist, but He would not allow that to happen. He placed a very good friend - Fred - in my path. Fred was able to "open the trap," allowing me to escape and move towards the anointing that is on my life.

There is a question at the end of the teaching that everyone needs to answer. If you choose not to answer, you have already made your choice.

Are you God's Priest and Servant or are you the "Devil's Monkey?"


Barbara and me

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, I had my first speaking "gig" as Torahlife Ministries. I have spoken in churches and Messianic synagogues many times in my life, but this speaking engagement was the most exciting. It was the DOD (Department of Defense) Team Orlando Prayer Breakfast. God truly prepared me for that time. To truly understand what happened, I am going, to the best of my ability, break the time frame down into three sections:

The 30 day timeframe before the Speech
The Speech
The time after the speech

Before the Speech
Between the time I announced this speaking engagement on my website blog on 5/19/17 until that day, our website views went crazy. According to Google analytics, we had 2511 "hits" in that timeframe with a large increase of people reading my blog and my bio. This was also during the Counting of the Omer toward Shavuot (Pentecost). What made this count more important is that you are expecting God to join you on Shavuot. The Jewish count of the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost) was Wednesday, May 31 – the day before the speech
I hurt my lower back that day and was in pain preparing to deliver the speech. There were a lot of people praying for me. For those people, I say “Thank You”.

The Speech
I arrived around 6:30 AM. I spent a half hour preparing to give the speech. It would take the seven levels of faith recorded in the Brit Hadashah (New Testament) and compare them to the seven pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle. After announcements and prayer, it was decided that a song would be played before I spoke.

To truly understand the impact of that song, I must share what we to every Shabbat morning before we leave the house to go to Shabbat service. The TV is off. Between 730 and 8:00 we start playing CDs. It will start with Barry and Batya Segal’s "The Shema" with the words at the Temple Mount Wailing Wall when Israel captured Jerusalem in the Six-Day War of 1967.

When this CD is finished, Paul Wilber's CD, "Shalom Jerusalem", is played. Paul Wilber will continue to play until 9:20 AM. The CD is shut off and the final song, played from the computer, is "Days of Elijah". Do you want to guess what song was chosen for that breakfast? If you said, "Days of Elijah", you would be right. Anyone who knows me, knows what that song means to me. I was supercharged before I said my first word, and the power of the anointing continued to rise at that point. It was a powerful message. The pain in my back was gone when I spoke my first word.

After the Speech
The pain in my back came back. Pictures were taken and one of them, Dr. Barbara Pemberton and me, is the picture attached with this blog. I was given a copy of “The Book of Mysteries" by Jonathan Cohn, "The Gospel in Ancient Hebrew", and an Ancient Hebrew Word Pictures book with CD on the ancient Hebrew language. I will use these books a lot. I also received a financial benefit from the teaching. The most important part was that I became good friends with the number of people. I will treasure these relationships for the rest of my life. God is good!

On Thursday, June 1. 2017, I will be speaking at the Team Orlando Prayer Breakfast in Orlando at 7:00am. It is my first speaking gig through Torahlife Ministries. From what I have been told, there could be between 20-40 people present. If you want to check the prayer breakfast on line, here is the URL: https://sites.google.com/site/teamorlandoprayerbreakfast/home?pli=1

Guests are invited to attend, but they will be required to sign in. Cameras are allowed, but only in that room. Here is why.

Most of the people there will be DOD (Department of Defense) personnel and contractors. This will truly be an honor for me. It is my prayer that people will experience the word of God on their lives when they go back to their individual jobs. I will be taking the people, by using the seven levels of faith that are found in the New Testament (Brit Hadashah), though the Tabernacle. Each level of faith will connect to the individual item of furniture found in the Tabernacle.

I am allowed to bring in 20 copies of our newsletter, "The Scribe's Journal," for the people to pick up. What do you think will be the topic of the newsletter?

The day before I speak will be May 31st. Does anyone want to make a guess what is special about that day? It is the day that the Jewish people will celebrate the Feast of Shavuot (Pentecost). Now you know the topic.

I believe I have been placed into this position "for such a time as this". God is my "Pilot," but I know the power of prayer. If it were not for the prayers of my wife, I would NOT be an EX-Atheist. I am asking, and will take, all of the prayers I can get.


Every Year on Giving Tuesday, we always ask for your support and we will need it again this year. As servants of the LORD and with burdened hearts for the lost sheep, we are reaching out to all of YOU in a way we have never done before. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for inmates in prisons in the United States. Currently we are reaching 315 inmates in 38 prisons spread across 7 states. This represents considrrable year over year growth.

Gifts from partners like YOU can change people’s lives. The need and hunger to learn our Messianic foundations has never been so great. It is exploding right before our eyes.  Our small budget has tripled in size just to provide the basic needs for the ministry’s success to reach all walks of life at every level.

This Ministry reaches out, in many cases, to those that cannot give back any support for good reasons. They are incarcerated, yet we are their only hope. At the present time, YOU have the ability to literally reach out to over 315 inmates in 7 prisons, changing their lives in a profound way.

Just two stories will drive this point home. (The names have been changed)

Imagine this: When “Bill” became incarcerated, he joined a major gang inside the prison for protection. This put him into a deep depression and he strongly considered suicide. Another inmate handed him a copy of the Scribe’s Journal, and he started reading it. The more he read, the more he knew he had to leave the gang, but he knew the rules. If he left, he would receive a bad beating, and if he talked to any member afterwards, he would again receive a beating. What did he do? He took the beating to change his life. He is now receiving the weekly newsletter and is a leader of one of the 16 congregations that exists.


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