Tuesday, 29 November 2016 18:09

We Need Your Help

Every Year on Giving Tuesday, we always ask for your support and we will need it again this year. As servants of the LORD and with burdened hearts for the lost sheep, we are reaching out to all of YOU in a way we have never done before. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for inmates in prisons in the United States. Currently we are reaching 315 inmates in 38 prisons spread across 7 states. This represents considrrable year over year growth.

Gifts from partners like YOU can change people’s lives. The need and hunger to learn our Messianic foundations has never been so great. It is exploding right before our eyes.  Our small budget has tripled in size just to provide the basic needs for the ministry’s success to reach all walks of life at every level.

This Ministry reaches out, in many cases, to those that cannot give back any support for good reasons. They are incarcerated, yet we are their only hope. At the present time, YOU have the ability to literally reach out to over 315 inmates in 7 prisons, changing their lives in a profound way.

Just two stories will drive this point home. (The names have been changed)

Imagine this: When “Bill” became incarcerated, he joined a major gang inside the prison for protection. This put him into a deep depression and he strongly considered suicide. Another inmate handed him a copy of the Scribe’s Journal, and he started reading it. The more he read, the more he knew he had to leave the gang, but he knew the rules. If he left, he would receive a bad beating, and if he talked to any member afterwards, he would again receive a beating. What did he do? He took the beating to change his life. He is now receiving the weekly newsletter and is a leader of one of the 16 congregations that exists.

Picture this: As a child, “John” was raised as a devout Satanist. Two days after he entered prison, an inmate handed him a copy of the Scribe’s Journal. After reading a number of copies, he started to read the Bible. A mail correspondence with a number of questions began to occur between “John” and me (Picture the scene: Satanist vs EX-Atheist). After two months, he gave his life to Yeshua as his Lord and Savior, and became immersed according to scripture.

Ask God to show you our heart, the sincerity of our request and partner with us.
Join us to help those who can’t help themselves, help us with a one-time donation, once a year.

Nothing is too large or small. This is between you and God; but imagine the power of a one-time gift when connected to the power of God

 A one-time gift of $15.00, the cost of one good meal at a fast food restaurant, can do wonders with the power of God. Look at what a one-time gift of $10.00 can do:
* It will pay for the editing of a 20 minute Radio Podcast for the “One New Man.”
* It will pay for the Video Conference time to teach Pastors and Home Study group Leaders concerning Messianic Foundations for one month
* It will print out and send by mail to an inmate the “Scribe’s Journal” newsletter for a month (4 weekly newsletters)
* It will pay for the UPS Mailbox used to communicate with inmates wanting to get individual training, prayers, requests for the newsletter, and answers to questions on scripture for one month

Look at what a one-time gift of $25.00 can do:
* It can pay for the autoresponder that sends out the Scribe’s Journal by email every week for one month
* It can pay for the Dropbox that holds the teachings in Video, Audio, PowerPoint Presentations and Transcripts for 60 pastors and home study group leaders done on Thursday nights (currently on hold until early next year) for one month
Your support can be sent to the following address:
Torahlife Ministries, Inc.
851 State Road 434
Suite 1070-178
Altamonte Springs, Florida  32714

 or go to https://torahlifeministry.com/prison-ministry.html

We are counting on and appreciate your support. Thank you for standing with us at this time. You are changing lives.

Your Servant,

Ron Warren
Executive Director
Torahlife Ministries, Inc