First published in 2007, "The Scribe's Journal" is in many ways the centerpiece of Torah Life Ministry. Each week, "The Scribe's Journal" takes the Torah portion of the scriptures that is taught in every Jewish Synagogue in the world (called a Parasha) and overlays the teaching of the New Testament (called the Brit Hadashah) to help believers fully understand that portion of the scriptures. This newsletter currently reaches all 50 states, 10 countries and the many prisons we serve.

The teachings of "The Scribe's Journal" covers the entire Torah cycle starting with the Parasha "Bereishit" (Genesis 1:1) and covers the entire Torah cycle and ends with "Vezot haBracha" (Deuteronomy 34:12) each year. Its teachings also covers the Seven Feasts of the Lord as found in Leviticus 23, as well as Hanukah and Purim.

As each Torah cycle is completed, we update each each presentation as needed. "The Scribe's Journal" Because they are in a way "time sensitative," we understand that our subscribers may occasionally miss a presentation or two due to any number of reasons. When that happens, that is no problem, we provide previous outlines of "The Scribe's Journal" in a downloadable format that will allow you to purchase these at a nominal cost. Just select the ones you want and follow the prompts to download the latest versions of the Parsha that interests you. 

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