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Summary Statement
As we studied the last two parshas, a pattern was being developed and a thread runs through it.
Consider this: In Behaaloscha, it ended with Miriam committing Lashon Hara. That is speech that results in tearing down another person’s character. For that act, she was punished.
The next parsha, Shelach Lecha, was the story of the ten “spies/scouts”. They committed Lashon Hara against God’s land. They were destroyed by a plague, and the entire generation who believed their report were going to die in the desert.

God is moving in this ministry! As some of you know, we  have launched the Internet Radio Podcast calledOne New Man”. The Podcasts are moving in the right direction.

We now have our logo completed for iTunes and other websites. Here is a picture of the logo:   

One New Man

Anyone interested in what goes in the workload of setting up a professional Ministry Podcast?

A lot of planning has gone into this “One New Man” radio program. There are two templates being created – the beginning and the end. The teaching is “sandwiched” between them. The entire structure becomes a single mp3 file. Look at the work needed for the two templates:

Open with Music (30 Seconds) – Music fades out to background level
First Introduction – (Explaining the Ministry and purpose) – Music gets louder to full volume (30 Seconds), then starts to fade out to background level
Announcements (woman) – Music gets louder to full volume (30 seconds) then fade out to background level
Main Introduction (woman) – Music gets louder to full volume (30 Seconds) than fades out in 10 seconds to 0  
When this is set up and converted into 1 track, it is saved as an MP3.This is the first Template.

The second template starts with music going from 0 to full volume within 10 seconds (30 seconds) then fades out to background level

What is the Tamid Sacrifice?
Does it have Value?
How does it relate to Yeshua and Jewish prayer?

It is written in John 1:29 behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world“.

What unique lamb sacrifice was he talking about?

Most people would say it was the Passover Lamb and use I Corinthians 5:7 as their proof text. This would create a problem.

Why? The Passover lamb was never designed for sin.

What did John mean?
On the Passover’s Seder plate there is a roasted egg. In Exodus 29:38 – 46, God gives his instructions for a daily worship service to be performed in the Tabernacle and the two Temples.

The priesthood is to offer two male lambs as the continual burnt offering. This continual burnt offering became known as the Tamid Sacrifice“.

You can plant the seed or water the plant; but it is God produces the fruit. The problem is that some people believe they produced the fruit, taking the place of God.

As a leader, it can become very discouraging, planting and watering through the word of God, and not seeing the increase. It can make you wonder if he/she is making a difference; but then, to lift up your spirit, God turns on the light”.

As some people know, we visit and minister in prisons. The inmates have a name for the prison – “The Armpit of the World”.

On December 11, 2015, we celebrated a feast in prison called Chanukah.  What most people don’t know is that the prison only allowed one family day a year. The Messianic and Orthodox Jews chose Passover for that day.

Tu B’Shvat is known as the “New Year of the Trees“. In some circles of Judaism, when a baby was born, the parents would plant the seed of a tree. – a Cedar Tree for a Boy and a Sycamore Tree for a Girl. As the children grew, so did their trees.

When the Boy and Girl got married to each other, two strong branches would be cut from their trees. These branches would be used to hold the Tallit (Prayer Shawl) over their heads producing the Wedding “Chupah.

Why would you celebrate this holiday by eating the fruit of the trees? It is winter, and there are no first fruits of the trees. How would you answer this question?


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