The Feast of the Passover

The presentation alos covers the historical understanding of the Feast of First Fruits and covers the Resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus) on that day. Through the use of apologetics it covers the two choices of the Empty Tomb with 5 possibilities of both, destroying 9 and leaving only one choice. He rose from the dead.

The presentation covers the following:

The Three Passovers
Original Passover
Ezra to the Destruction of the Temple
Post Temple
The 10 Plagues (2)
1st Plague: Blood
2nd Plague: Frogs
3rd Plague: Lice/Gnats
4th Plague: Wild Beasts Flies 
5th Plague: Cattle
6th Plague: Boils (2)
7th Plague: Hail
8th Plague: Locusts
9th Plague: Darkness
10th Plague: 
Slaying Of First-Born (4)
The Passover Lamb (3)
Passover is also for Gentiles (2) 
3 Changes in the Lamb
The Blood
The Blood Atones
The Blood Gives Life 
The Blood Was A Sign
The Blood Was A Token
Token” Has 2 Meanings
Smearing of Blood
12 Blessings of the Blood
The “Matzah”
The “Bitter Herbs” 
The “AFIKOMON” (8)
The Tamid Offering (7)
Prayer 1: Redemption
Prayer 2: Forgiveness
Prayer 3: Messiah’s Coming
Prayer 4: Resurrection
The 4 Cups (5)
Cup #1: Sanctification (5) 
Summary of the 1st Cup
Commentary (4)
Cup #2: Deliverance (3)
Commentary (2)
Summary of the 2nd Cup
Cup #3: Redemption (3)
Cup #3: Redemption
Summary of the 3rd Cup
Cup #4: Completion (3)
Summary of the 4th Cup (2)
First Fruits and the Resurrection
Paul’s 7 Pillars of Theology
Commentary (2)
The “Sign of Jonah” (2) 
The Roman Calendar
Roman Soldiers Day Watch (2)
The Denial of Peter (2) 
Commentary (3)
Resurrection Proof 
Resurrection Proof: Prophecy 
Resurrection Proof:
Empty Tomb
Empty Tomb Possibilities 
Resurrection Proof:
Resurrection Proof:
Believers Transformation (2)
Yeshua Worshipped as God 
Messianic Believers (2)
Barabbas: Why?
You Vote?
End of Presentation

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