The Apostles - Simon the Zealot

He  was called “Simon the zealot” because of his zealous attachment to his religion as a Jew. This presentation answers the questions: Who was Simon the Zealot? What act changed Simon, the Zealot, to an Apostle? What is a “Zealot”? How did he become a Martyr? Who was the Apostle who died with him? 



The Brothers

Sharing the Name

The Name’s Meaning

Why a Zealot?

His Calling

Origin of Zealot

“Heart of the Zealot” (2)

How and Why?

Before the Messiah - The Miracle

Miracle: The Timing

Miracle: The Best

Miracle: The Revelation

Miracle: The Consequences

With the Messiah: Two by Two

Simon’s Questions at Gethsemane (2)

Acts Chapter 2 (2)

His Journey

His Death

Theory: One

Theory: Two

Theory: Three

Life Lesson 1

Life Lesson 2

Life Lesson 3

End of Presentation



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