The Apostles - Matthias

Matthias is also known as the forgotten Apostle. After Acts 1, Matthias is never mentioned in scripture. Most of his life comes to us by church history. This PowerPoint answers the questions: Who was the Apostle Matthias? What does his life and death tell us? What connection does he have with Matthew? 

The presentation covers the following:

Table of Contents (2)
Foundation Scripture
Foundation Questions
Praying & Teaching
Peter’s Decision
Peter’s Proof-text
Introduction of Matthias
Life before the Messiah
His Identity
The Source
The Disciple (‘Student”) - Matthias
The Apostle (“Sent Forth”) - Matthias
Journey of Matthias
Traditions of Matthias (2)
Facing the Sanhedrin
Hanan ben Hanan
Matthias’ Testimony
The Stones
Death of Matthias
Life Lesson

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