The Shofar & You

Understanding the construction of the Shofar can take you from a worshiper to a disciple and then to a leader. Abel was the first worshiper of God; Enoch was the first to walk with God; Noah was the first to work with God, but it is the fourth sound that connects to Abraham and the resurrection of the dead.

The presentation covers the following:

Introduction (2)
Process of the Believer
1st to Worship God: Abel
1st Shofar: Sound (2)
1st to Walk With God: Enoch
2nd Shofar: Sound (3)
1st to Work With God: Noah
3rd Shofar: Sound (3)
1st to Experience the Resurrection: Abraham
4th Shofar: Sound (3)
Section Slide - 5 Types of Leaders
The Hand of God (3)
Section Slide - The Shofar Construction
The Shofar Worship
Observation 1
Observation 2
Section Slide - The 4 Steps of Construction
The Shofar Construction
The 1st Step 
The 2nd Step
The 3rd Step
The 4th Step
Section Slide: Your Process of Construction
The 1st Process
The 2nd Process
The 3rd Process
The 4th Process
Section Slide: Your Shofar Experience 
Call to Worship
Trump of God
True Worship: Abel
Repentance: Enoch
Prepare the Way: Noah
Resurrection: Abraham
“The Great Shofar”
End of Presentation

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