Hebrew v. Greek Worldview

Understanding the differences between the two worldviews can give you a better understanding of the New Testament. Why? It is because the New Testament was written in a Greek culture by men with a Hebrew mindset. What are the two thought processes? How do they affect your understanding of God, man, and life? How does it affect your understanding of speech and time? How will it affect your understanding of scripture?

The presentation covers the following:

Two Foundation Mindsets
Foundation for Spiritual Authority (2)
The Greek Mindset
Two Concepts of Truth
Use of Senses
Relates to God
Relates to Nature of Man - Hebrew Thought
How Do I …?
Relates to Nature of Man - Greek Thought
What Do I …?
Concrete Thought - Hebrew (2)
Concrete Thought - Example (2)
Abstract Thought - Greek (3)
Translation Problem
Translation Example
Function vs Appearance
Congregating a Verb
Calculating Time –Greek
Calculating Days - Greek
Calculating Time – Hebrew
Calculating Days - Hebrew
Approaches to Life (7)
Summary (2)
End of Presentation

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