The Meaning of Sukkot

This presentation describes the 7 benefits of this feast for Gentiles, because of its relationship to the fall feasts, it connects it to the end times. Because Zechariah 14:16 connects this feast to the end times with the millennial reign of the Messiah, 4 end-time theories are discussed. It answers the question: How does the relationship of the Fall Feasts relate to the End Times?


The Presentation covers the following:

Double Festival
The Three Pillars
The Feast’s Blueprint
Spring & Fall Feasts
Tradition’s Blindness
Feasts of the Lord
The Lord is Host
Benefits of the Feasts
Feast of Sukkot
Festival of Ingathering
Festival of Ingathering
Festival of Dedication
Festival of Lights
The Feast
End Time Relationship
4 End Time Theories
Point #1
Point #2
The Meaning of Sukkot
The Joy of Sukkot
End of Presentation

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