Da Vinci's Painting of the Last Supper

Every famous painting has a story behind it. Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the “Last Supper” is no exception. Its story can change a person if it is applied to his life. It did for Mr. Da Vinci. It also forces you to answer the questions: Have you ever judged a person by first impressions?  Were you right or wrong? What are the five problems attached to this concept of judging?

The presentation covers the following:

First Impressions (2)
A True Story:
The Last Supper Painting:
Men at the Table:
Choosing the People:
The Face of the Messiah:
The Choice and Time:
The Last Face:
The Judas Face:
The Search:
The Second Choice:
The Finish:
The Heartfelt Cry:
The Declaration:
The Application:
End of Presentation:

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