The Ten Plagues of the Bible

This power point covers the 10 Plagues of the Bible in its entirety. It places the first 9 plagues into 3 individual sets, completing it with the 10 and final plague. It covers each plague with emphasis on God's demonstration of power over those of the various Egyptian gods. This study is ideal for the high school, college, or staff level student who is looking for more than a "Hollywood" version of these events. 

The presentation covers the following:

Background (2)
Moses Confronts Pharaoh
Three Sets of Plagues
Pharaoh’s Confession
The 10 Plagues of Egypt
10 Plagues Chart
1st Plague: Blood
2nd Plague: Frogs
3rd Plague: Lice/Gnats
4th Plague: Wild Beasts Flies
5th Plague: Cattle
6th Plague: Boils (2)
7th Plague: Hail
8th Plague: Locusts
9th Plague: Darkness
10th Plague:
Slaying Of First-Born
Pharaoh: Decisively Defeated
10 Plague Notes (2)
End of Presentation

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