Means, “At the end”

HafTorah: Zechariah 2:14 (10) – 4:7

Brit Hadashah: Acts 7:9-16 (specifically vv.11-12); I Corinthians 2:1-5

Outline of the Parsha:

Genesis 41:1-13       - Pharaoh’s Two Dreams
Genesis 41:14-37     - Joseph, the Dream Interpreter
Genesis 41:38-49     - Joseph, a Ruler of Egypt
Genesis 41:50-57     - The Sons of Joseph
Genesis 42:1-28       - The Meeting of Joseph & His Brothers
Genesis 42:29-38     - Simeon is Held Hostage
Genesis 43:1-15       - The Brothers Return to Egypt
Genesis 43:16-34     - Joseph’s Treatment of His Brothers
Genesis 44:1-17       - Joseph & Judah

It covers the following:

It begins by explaining the importance of laying of a proper foundation.
It continues with the structure of Joseph’s foundation.
It covers the process of being put into “God’s Waiting Room.”
It then explains the release of Joseph from “God’s Waiting Room” by explaining Pharaoh’s dreams.
It continues with the meaning of the new name given to Joseph, Yeshua, and us.
After explaining Pharaoh’s dreams, it gives Pharaoh the process of following the interpretation.
It continues by explaining the authority of Joseph.
It follows through with Joseph’s treatment of his brothers.
It closes by explaining the re-dedication of the word “Mikeitz” (The title of this week’s Parsha).

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