Absolutely!  The Feasts (Jewish Holidays) as recorded in Leviticus 23 are not about celebrating the Jews or their feasts; they are about remembering the faithfulness of the God of the Jews to His people – and in turn - You.


Remember, they are never called “Jewish Feasts” in scripture. They are always called the “Lord’s Feasts”. Christians are not required to celebrate these holidays for salvation; but many Christians don’t even consider celebrating them.  Why?


It is because they are never taught about them. God knows how easy it is for us as humans to forget all the times He brought us through seemingly hopeless situations in our own life. It is even easier to forget the times He did the same for our ancestors.

If you understand that the Feasts are a time to worship God and fellowship with one another – then you are in.


In addition, these celebrations help Christians stay connected with their heritage. For example: The Passover Feast is all about remembering how God kept the children of Israel safe as he groomed them into a nation of freemen in the desert. Celebrating the Feasts is not about you trying to be Jewish; it is about you celebrating the long standing relationship God has had with man and the journey they have walked together.


One final thought: There were two men in scripture that celebrated that first Passover, Joshua and Caleb – Jew and Gentile