The issue with this question lies in what the term “Christian” meant in the Bible and what it means today. In the Bible, the term was a nickname that nonbelievers made up to poke fun of believers. It basically is translated as “little anointed ones”. The believers did not mind at all and began to identify themselves as “the little anointed ones” or “Christians”.


Now, fast forward a couple thousand years. Today, the word “Christian” has a very negative term for the Jewish person. It brings to mind the bloody history of the Gentile Church. For hundreds of years, gentile believers in Yeshua (Whose very spiritual lifeblood came from the Jewish people) killed or forcefully converted Jews to “Christianity”, demanding they renounce their Jewish heritage.

Today, Jews remember that history and want nothing to do with what was in essence the Church’s gross misunderstanding of the Great Commission. To a Jewish person, Catholics and Evangelicals are in the same pot, and the concept of being a Christian mostly means – a person who rejects their Jewish heritage and is a believer in three gods. Therefore today, Jews who follow Yeshua usually identify themselves as Messianic Jews or simply Jewish believers.