Vincent Carno


My Testimony
by Vincent Carno

Although I have been a "Christian" over 20 years and have studied many denominations as well as other religious faiths, I have not become so enlightened are so informed as I've been with the restoration of truce as found in our messianic faith.
Little gems of Hebrew truths has shined upon and transformed even my understanding of the "New Covenant". Even funnier is that I crosscheck what I'm learning with a Strong's concordance and study Bible footnotes. They confirm what I'm taught by brothers Ron Warren, Vincent Rizzi, and Les Horvath.So I continue to seek these light of truth here in my congregation and in our Parshas from Ron Warren and in literature in our reading library that we have. It is so I can continually be restored in my mind as Yeshua wants us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Well, my mind has to have these beliefs readjusted to Yahweh's and Yeshua's revealed truth.

I've been a covenant immersed member now for two years and I've only began to take in the awareness of how important it is to stay in and show up to our meetings. What a blessing so far, and I know and trust you will continue to bless our congregation here at Tomoka and bless Torahlife Ministries. For those reading these testimonies about us, please feel free to fellowship, volunteer, or write any of us with the interest of sharing our common faith as "iron sharpens iron". Write me as well and I love to write back for mutual encouragement and fellowship.

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May Yahweh's blessings continue on all our lives and may he strengthen us and sustain us as one in Yeshua's name. Amen