Bryan Parks


My Testimony
by Brian Parks
(The Greatest Battle)

Our life is but a sponge, always soaking up the things that we come in contact with, never fully knowing about the things we did without ever thinking of the outcome. We are living only in the moment: our family and our acquaintances, also lives for this day, never fully realizing their outcome or their hour of demise. Some had lead lives of ease, with the expected bumps that go with it. Others can only hope for normality; never having so much as a clue as to what their life struggles are going to bring about "right then and later on in their lives."

Our first memories should be of a marked pleasant experience that will be the beginning; a solid foundation in which we stand upon and add as we grow through childhood into adulthood. When they are not of a pleasant experience, but of a marked traumatic experience, then that secure building block that we stand upon grows and add upon is cracked from the "get go."

That block that should be secure is never able to stand without teetering, and always on the verge of falling. The teetering, almost falling, block brings upon its occupant a less than average childhood into adulthood - bringing into society an individual who thrives to know and understand why these things have bled through his family and left no one untouched by the nature of what we are exposed to.

The subsequent traumas that are not in the natural realm of first starling memories and carrying into adulthood. These should have been memorable experiences that in time will add to that well-rounded person that is a solid building block. One that moves along to a natural rhythm as to their interests and dislikes as far as their expanding, seeking, and searching as to where they end up in schooling, friends, possible helpmates, and hopefully ending up doing something

And now one is going to bring and surround themselves with a wife, friends and desire to bless those around him with his life building blocks. They in turn bring the same attributes home to their wives and friends, which carries on to
the next couple of friends, thus changing the community in which they live. Then onto society, thus changing the human capacity to love and to be able to be a game changer - a pleasure to surround yourself with. Those like yourself
who are game changers, and well-rounded with various possible interests.

So I seek those things knowing that I am a new person. Matthew 7:7–8 reads, keep asking and it will be given to you; keep seeking and you will find; keep knocking and the door will be open to you. For everyone who keeps askingreceives; he who keeps seeking, finds; and to him who keeps knocking, the door will be opened."

So this becomes my prayer, and it takes up a lot of my thoughts. I continue to seek, and I am always knocking. I am seeking a lot of growing, and waiting with due diligence, until I can be with them again.

Shalom Achi