Leslie OrvathLeslie was born in Brooklyn New York in 1963. His grandparents were victims of the Holocaust. During his life, his parents exposed Leslie to various faith (Pentecostal, Catholic, Episcopal, Mormon). He accepted Yeshua (Jesus) on August 8, 1988 and his journey began.

1 ½ years later he was invited by a prison ministry to visit a local prison. While there, he found himself on the 6th floor where the most hardened inmates were placed. He was allowed entry to the cell block with 5 individual cell rooms protected by 2 inch glass doors. This "babe in Yeshua", with little knowledge and experience, used the right words and scriptures and led an inmate to Yeshua (Jesus). This was the beginning of his passion for prison ministry.

He is currently "spearheading" this prison ministry into going into a "transition prison" (a holding area between 30-90 days until assigned to their permanent location). This opens the door for the Scribe's Journal newsletter to enter all the prisons in the state of Florida.