Karen TwiggKaren Twigg and her daughter, Leslie Geisendaffer, began a weekly ministry in the Orange County Jail, Orlando, Florida.  She followed God’s call to be a missionary to the deaf in Jamaica and saw lives of the deaf changed.  She has worked with the deaf for over 40 years.

Karen’s life has not been easy. She shares her struggles of loneliness and planning her own suicide while being a friend, and a listening ear to others. Yet feeling she had no one to turn to. She fell into a relationship with a married pastor, became pregnant, had a child out of wedlock, and became a single parent.  She has dealt with failure and being a disappointment to God, the ministry, her church, and her family. She and her daughter went through many life struggles. She saw God answer prayer in the lives of her family members while she was growing up. (Brother had polio/sister had encephalitis)

God spared Karen’s life four times. All four times doctors told her she could have or should have died: Mononucleosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a rare tumor in her heart, and a blood problem (issue) that doctors could not explain. But God miraculously “touched” her and restored her health.

Karen continues ministering the class “Celebrate Recovery” to up to 25 ladies each week. They have an awesome time of sharing praise and worship followed by an inspirational teaching from God’s word. Many of the ladies have been born again, rededicated their lives, received deliverance, and have been healed through this ministry. Karen believes her life is to be a witness that helps others, especially women.  To let them know they are not the only one to go through problems and that with God all things are possible.  You can make it!