mordecai mark curtisPastor Mordecai has spent nearly all his life around or involved in ministry.  Pastor Mordecai performed in musicals and play and did puppetry as a child.  As a teen, he continued serving in puppetry and being involved in Vacation Bible School.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and later a Master of Science in Academic Administration.  He served as a children's pastor for over 10 years in the Northeast and taught school for over twenty years. 

Moving to Florida he became a school administrator and resigned due to corruption and lies.  Shortly after that, Mordecai's life was thrown into complete turmoil.  In the process, HaShem took Mordecai on a ten-year journey of teaching, training, and much heartache and pain.  Although the journey, including prison time, was very difficult, Mordecai was brought to the Messianic Movement and a greater understanding of the scriptures. In 2021, Mordecai went through his Bar Mitzva and continues to grow in his knowledge and understanding of Hebrew and the Torah.

Mordecai is a father of two children, a son, and a daughter.  He now services as a Messianic Pastor and board member of Torah Life Ministry.  He serves with Ron Warren and John Grady in an advisory capacity and works with the prison ministry.

We at Torah Life Ministry welcome Pastor Mordecai Curtis to our staff