mordecai mark curtisMordecai (Mark) accepted the Messiah at the age of six after asking questions from his mother. She prayed with him in their car after services one night. He was baptized at the age of 10, and became involved with drama, music, and youth ministry activities throughout his childhood. He started serving in a puppet ministry at the age of 11. This would continue until the age of 35, including starting four different puppet ministries in different churches. Mordecai (Mark) surrendered to the call of the ministry at the age of 13.

Mordecai (Mark) graduated from Baptist Bible College East (Boston, MA) in 1993, receiving a B.A. in Biblical Studies. After graduation, he served at First Baptist Church East Longmeadow, MA as a Christian School Teacher, athletic director, and coach from 1993-2003. During this time, he helped plan and implement the expansion to an high school and built an athletic program. He successfully developed and implemented a plan to rename the academy and expand school’s outreach

He was the children’s Pastor at First Baptist from 1998-2003, and the ministry grew from 45 to 150 children. He became licensed as Pastor in 1999 and continued in that position until the position was dissolved in 2003.

Mordecai (Mark) moved to Florida in 2003 to become principal of Liberty Christian Academy, Tavares, FL where he served as teacher, coach, athletic director, principal, and Dean of Students from 2003-2008. The school grew from 185-325 during his tenure. He led the school through its accreditation process, and it received accreditation in 2007

During this same time period, He taught and trained Sunday School Teachers at Liberty Baptist in Tavares. As a servant of the LORD, he taught an Adult Sunday School Class, and conducted a home bible study. Mordecai (Mark) was re-licensed as pastor by Liberty Baptist Church in 2007 and was ordained as a Baptist pastor in 2009.

He learned about the Messianic Movement while in prison 2011-2020. It was there that he became part of Messianic Ministry in 2015, and was baptized into Messianic Ministry in 2018. He became a leader and teacher in the Messianic groups at both Cross City C.I and Tomoka C.I.

We at Torah Life Ministry welcome Mordecai (Mark) Curtis to our staff