Who We Are

Torahlife Ministry, a division of Torah life Ministries Inc., was created for the purpose of educating and empowering believers in Messiah. To accomplish this goal Torahlife Ministry focus's is on five strategic areas.

Those include:

  1. The Scribes Journal
  2. Simchat Torah Institute
  3. Torahlife Prison Ministry
  4. Torahlife Publications
  5. Torahlife Radio Podcast

Our Ministry 

The vision of Torahlife Ministry is to lead and educate the community of believers within both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Many Jewish and non-Jewish believers alike have only a superficial understanding of the scriptures and have not been challenged to mine the richer meanings of the teachings of Messiah and His impact on their life, their community and their world. The vision of Torahlife Ministry is to change that.

As a Messianic outreach ministry, Torahlife Ministry seeks to assist synagogues, churches, prisons and Bible study groups both nationally and internationally, beginning with teaching believers the truths of the scriptures of the Tanakh (Old Testament)  and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament), and supported by historical documentation. Torahlife Ministry is heavily involved in speaking to Bible study groups, conducting speaking tours, participating in selected events and broadcasting through radio and the internet. Torahlife Mnistry alos provides a weekly publication called "The Scribes Journal" and variety presentation ready print materials.

Our Founder

Torahlife Ministry is led by Ron Warren, who is a long time student of both the Bible and the histories and traditions of the Jewish and other faiths. Ron is particularly adept at helping Messianic believers understand the Bible by defining the meaning of key words, phrases and teachings that are not apparent from a "casual" study of the scriptures.

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