God is moving in this ministry! As some of you know, we  have launched the Internet Radio Podcast calledOne New Man”. The Podcasts are moving in the right direction.

We now have our logo completed for iTunes and other websites. Here is a picture of the logo:   

One New Man

Anyone interested in what goes in the workload of setting up a professional Ministry Podcast?

A lot of planning has gone into this “One New Man” radio program. There are two templates being created – the beginning and the end. The teaching is “sandwiched” between them. The entire structure becomes a single mp3 file. Look at the work needed for the two templates:

Open with Music (30 Seconds) – Music fades out to background level
First Introduction – (Explaining the Ministry and purpose) – Music gets louder to full volume (30 Seconds), then starts to fade out to background level
Announcements (woman) – Music gets louder to full volume (30 seconds) then fade out to background level
Main Introduction (woman) – Music gets louder to full volume (30 Seconds) than fades out in 10 seconds to 0  
When this is set up and converted into 1 track, it is saved as an MP3.This is the first Template.

The second template starts with music going from 0 to full volume within 10 seconds (30 seconds) then fades out to background level

Then the Outro (woman)
Music goes from background level to full volume within 10 seconds (30 seconds) than fades to 0 within 7 seconds
When this is set up and converted into 1 track, it is also saved as an MP3. This the second template

The two Introductions, the Outro, and the first Announcement, have been written. The first and second Introductions are recorded and converted into an MP3s. It is our prayer that the Outro and the Announcement will be completed by the end of next week.

Our next greatest hurdle is the Music. It is here that we need your prayers. We are trying to make a connection to Sound Exchange.

This is the company that collects the royalty fees and gives it to artists and record producers for the use of their music. If this is not done, copyright laws will be broken.

There is a possibility that we may be able to use Josh Gorban’s song: “You Raise Me Up” at no cost. Why? It is because we are a non-profit ministry.  If this happens, God will, again, answer our prayers.

Our goal is to complete this process by the end of next week. If this happens we will have the templates covering both the beginning and the end of the “One New Man” Internet Radio Podcast. What is left is the teachings. This helps in conserving our time doing this process.

Through the creation of these templates, we are able to record five individual podcasts within a day.

At the present time, the Internet radio podcast – “One New Man” – is scheduled to launch on April 9th. According to the Hebrew calendar April 9 is Nissan 1 – the Dedication of the Tabernacle.

The teachings taught on the “One New Man” Radio Podcast will be the same teachings that was given to over 50 pastors and home study group leaders on Thursday nights for the last two years.

Special Note: This ministry has strong financial needs. If God lays it on your heart to support this ministry it can be done at www.torahlifeministry.com

We continue to ask for your prayers. They are needed “for such a time as this”.

God is our “Pilot”. Prayer is the gas for the plane getting us where we need to go to fulfill God’s purpose for this ministry.

God is Moving and doors are opening.  We will take all the prayers we can get – Ron


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