God wants to use You in His Plan

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Isaiah 43:19 “… I will make a road through the wilderness and rivers in the desert”
If it is in God’s Will, He will pay the Bill, but He uses People whose Hearts are Willing to Advance His Kingdom.

Will You be a part of His Army?

1. One-Time Special Gift
Every Army has two parts – the fighting soldiers and the support soldiers. Every soldier who fights the battle requires at least eight people to support them, but they both are responsible for the victory.

Join the Battle and God will give us the Victory!


Please Give a Special Gift
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Please Give Your Support in 2 Easy Steps
But all of us are ready to go to battle under the LORD’s commandNumbers 32:27

2. “You Will Build A Road in the Wilderness” Isaiah 43:19
The Road in the Wilderness is the Internet Highway


Simchat Torah Institute

This Ministry removes the white page between the Old and New Testaments.
ron teachingThis is done in the following ways:

  • The Free Newsletter, “The Scribe’s Journal,” since 2007, takes the Jewish portion of the Torah each week, and connects it with the New Testament.
  • Weekly teachings of pastors and Bible study leaders, linking the entire world, and bonding the Torah with the New Testament. It releases the Video, Audio, PowerPoint, and Transcript to be used by them each week.
  • Teaching the Torah /New Testament connection to Churches
  • Podcast (Torahlife Ministry) on 8 Platforms
  • Teaching in Messianic Jewish Synagogues

what if im wrong athiests nightmareFormerly an atheist, Ron Warren is now an ordained Messianic Minister, author, and Bible teacher. He teaches the scriptures from a Jewish context, applying apologetics, Jewish, church, world histories, and the Greek and Hebrew languages in churches and synagogues.
This book opens the door and can change the atheist’s foundation and strengthen the believer’s trust and faith in God.
There are 5 major battlegrounds the atheist will use: (1) Does God Exist? (2) Is the Bible True? (3) Is there a Resurrection? (4) Is Jesus/Yeshua God? (5) Is Jesus /Yeshua the only way to God? This book answers these questions.

To defend their “faith,” 240 questions must be answered by the atheist. After these answers are written down, they must answer the last question: “What If I’m Wrong?

One of the tasks of the soldier in the Intelligence Corps is to translate languages. The Goal is to translate this book into Spanish. The cost of publishing this book and eBook into Spanish is $5,100, which also the cost of the Translator.

As a Soldier of the Military Intelligence Corps of God’s Army, your support advances God’s Kingdom through an entire culture.
You are Opening the Door in Defending the Word of God to Spanish Believers
But all of us are ready to go to battle under the LORD’s commandNumbers 32:27
Please Give Your Support in 2 Easy Steps

3. “… And Rivers in the Desert” (Isaiah 43:19)
“There is no greater human “Desert” than the Prisons, and no greater “Rivers” then the Word of God. Together we are creating an Oasis

spiritual warfare

Prison Ministry

2019 02 graduatestomoka passover

2019 Graduates, Century C.I. (Century, Florida) and Passover at Tomoka C.T. (Daytona, Florida)

The Mission of Prison Ministry is to spread God’s word in prison. We furnish the tools to fight for the souls in a different battleground. When inmates are relocated, another new light is opened in their new location. As prison evangelists, they deliver the same message for the souls of men, given in different prisons.

As God’s Soldier, You can be a part of this Mission.
May the Lord bless you ten-fold for your service in advancing the Kingdom of God.
Together, we are making a difference, changing lives, and restoring prisoners with hope

But all of us are ready to go to battle under the LORD’s commandNumbers 32:27
Please Give Your Support in 2 Easy Steps

4. Give a Monthly Support unto the Lord

Investing in God’s Soldiers, Fighting for Souls in the different Battlefields of Life for Eternity

reporting for duty

Those who were willing and whose hearts moved them came and brought their contributions to the LORD.” (Exodus 35:21 - GW)
Each of you must give what you have decided in your heart, not with regret or under compulsion, since God loves a cheerful giver. Besides, God is able to make every blessing of yours overflow for you, so that in every situation you will always have all you need for any good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:7-8 ISV)
This service is a proof of your faith, and people will praise God because of it. They will praise God that you freely share what you have with them and with all people… “ (2 Corinthians 9:13 – ERV)

Will You be a part of His Army?
Please Give Your Support in 2 Easy Steps
But all of us are ready to go to battle under the LORD’s commandNumbers 32:27

If you are already a Monthly Sponsor
Thank you.
You are a Good and Faithful Soldier.
We Salute You!

Mail checks, money orders, and bank drafts to:

Torahlife Ministries
851 State Road 434
Suite 1070-178
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Please make checks payable to:  Torahlife Ministries

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God wants to use You in His Plan

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